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Collision Reconstruction

Officers within the Traffic Management Unit progress through various levels of training until they become Collision Reconstructionist.

A Collision Reconstructionist is a specially trained police officer responsible for investigating the series of events involved in all serious injury and/or fatal collisions. These officers are responsible for the collection and interpretation of roadway evidence coming to a successful conclusion.

Using photography, measurements of skid marks and other physical evidence, they are able to determine a variety of collision factors including speed and direction of travel, and use these factors to determine the cause of the collision and if any charges are warranted.

Members of the Traffic Management Unit are not only responsible for carrying out the duties of a police officer in general, but they are particularly responsible for the following: investigate fatal and life-threatening collisions, manage cases for all fatal collisions, provide investigative support to unit and platoon officers, assist with special investigations, investigate any serious injury or fatal hit-and-run collisions, investigate any other transportation collision that is high-profile in nature or has occurred under unusual circumstances, or investigate any pursuit involving injury or death where the province's Special Investigation Unit invokes their mandate.
Collision Reconstruction of Motor

Vehicle Collisions

The members of the Traffic Management Unit are responsible for providing a complete reconstruction investigation from the initial scene to the final report, promptly and thoroughly, through the theory and practical application of accepted collision reconstruction principles.

The reconstruction takes place when collisions occur within the City of Belleville and results in death, injuries that may contribute to subsequent death; injuries or death where the person's age and/or physical condition may contribute, injuries that may contribute to subsequent death and involving Police Service vehicles, serious injuries requiring hospitalization from a police pursuit if the province's Special Investigation Unit is investigating or monitoring, or unusual circumstances or high-profile in nature.  Reconstructions can also result from a request from the Officer in Charge of the Unit, and may involve motor vehicles, cyclists, trains (excluding suicides), wheeled devices, or vehicles on a roadway.