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making a complaint about a special constable

Who Can Make a Complaint?

Any person may make a complaint about a Belleville Police Service Special Constable, with the exception of the people listed in the next section, to the Chief of the Belleville Police Service by completing the Complaint About a Special Constable Form.

A complaint may be made on behalf of:

  1. a person who is a minor, by the person’s parent or guardian; or
  2. person who is incapable as defined in the Substitute Decision Act, and who is not a minor, by their substitute decision-maker under the Act.

A complainant may act through an agent in respect to a complaint.

Who Cannot Make a Complaint?

The following persons are not permitted to make a complaint about a Belleville Police Service Special Constable, as set out above, and instead must follow the application procedure under Section 183 or Section 185 of the Community Safety and Policing Act:

  1. other members of the Belleville Police Service;
  2. the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services;
  3. the Inspector General, a Deputy Inspector General or an Inspector appointed under Section 111 of the Community Safety and Policing Act;
  4. the Complaints Director, a Deputy Complaints Director, and an employee or an Investigator of the Law Enforcement Complaints Agency; and
  5. the Director or an employee or Investigator in the Special Investigations Unit.


The Belleville Police Service will ensure that any complaint about the conduct of a Special Constable is investigated to determine whether their conduct constitutes misconduct, contravenes the terms and conditions of their Certificate of Appointment or contravenes any provision of the Community Safety and Policing Act and will take appropriate action to remedy any contravention.

The Belleville Police Service will endeavour to complete any investigation of a Special Constable within 120 days after receiving the complaint, not including any period during which the investigation is postponed or suspended and subject to any extensions.

The Belleville Police Service will, in writing, advise the complainant of the outcome of the investigation of the complaint.

Click Here to access the Complaint About a Special Constable Form.